Agricultural Workshop Curriculum and Resources


Agenda/content (bilingual translation in all sessions)

Workshop #1: Oct. 2022 (Hartnell & specific participant farms)


Morning: Introduction to workshop goals & content; discussion groups identify other topics and issues of concern

Afternoon: Walk through and identify current practices and several farms, listen to Dave Blum talk about techniques to improve farms & crops

Workshop #2, Nov. 2022

(Whiskey Hill Farms)



Morning: Soil science basics; composting organic and ag wastes, water conservation, pest control, layered crops; overview of how Whiskey Hill

Afternoon: Tour of Whiskey Hill Farms and its small-scale technologies and techniques; begin prep of experimental plots; identify plants farmers want to experiment with; plant seeds in propagation house.

Workshop #3, Dec. 2022

(Whiskey Hill Farm)

Morning: Presentation on ag technologies, information technology, online presence & branding

Afternoon: Demonstration of small-scale ag technologies–sensors, internet; farm equipment testing; transplant some seedlings to experimental plots

Workshop #4, Jan 2023

(Hartnell & participant farms)

Morning: Crop planning and cropping options & strategies; marketing and distribution channels; branding; high value & culturally appropriate crops; CSAs & other customers

Afternoon: Construction of simple hoop house, preparation for planting in them

Workshop #5, Feb. 2023

(Hartnell & Salinas Valley)


Morning: Farm business management & tools; dealing with bureaucracy; options for loans, land and capital; financing small-scale technologies & techniques

Afternoon: Building a compost pile; IT demonstration and skills; planting in hoop houses

Workshop #6, March 2023 (participant farms)

Morning: Tour & assessment of participants’ & other farms; potential actions & practices

Afternoon: Celebrate completion of course & conduct participant evaluations

Pedagogical Resources

Subject areaModuleResources & references
1. Regenerative agriculture & closed loop economy Reg Regenerative Agriculture Class
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 Whiskey Hill FarmPhoto essay at