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We need your support!

“help sustain our planet for future generations”

Thank you so much for your generosity! As a nonprofit organization, we depend on your support to continue our work. Help us make a difference in our community by donating today to any of our ongoing funding campaigns below. More information can be found by clicking on the campaign title. If you would like to donate equipment to us please fill out the Equipment Donation Form and we will contact you shortly.

  1. SSRF Empowering Students Campaign

    Proceeds go towards our campaign Empowering Students! Help us fund and support non-traditional students through our internship programs.
    $131.00 donated
  2. Waste Not Want Not Fund

    Proceeds go towards our efforts to tackle the growing waste crisis in Santa Cruz County and beyond.
    $1.00 donated
  3. Ending Poverty in California Through Solar Fund

    Proceeds go towards our project that will provide a California Basic Income through a Solar Dividend.
    $1.00 donated
  4. Sustainable Urban Agriculture Initiative Fund

    Proceeds go towards our projects and programs that will promote urban agriculture best practices, including the Sustainable Urban Food Initiative (SUFI) and our hydroponics program
    $0.00 donated

    Accessory Dwelling Units in our Backyards Fund

    Proceeds go towards our project that will develop affordable & sustainable housing in Santa Cruz County and beyond.
    $0.00 donated
  6. SSRF General Fund

    Proceeds go towards our operating costs and towards our other funding campaigns whenever needed.
    $60.00 donated

Thank you to all of our Donors.


Your generosity makes our work possible. THANK YOU.


Ronnie Lipschutz & Mary Wieland

UCSC Politics Department

Rachel Lipschutz

Santa Cruz Works

New Earth Foundation


Kaylia Bravo