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Sustainability Now! UC Santa Cruz: History & Environment

Sustainability Now! Radio Show #4, October 6, 2019 on KSQD, 90.7 FM and KSQD.org, with Professor Emeritus Jim Clifford, History of Consciousness at UC Santa Cruz.

SSRF Podcasts: Sustainability Now!

SSRF has launched a new series of podcasts called Sustainability Now! which focuses on projects in the Monterey Bay Region that focus on sustainability, ecology, environment and social justice, through interviews with scientists, academics, activists, policymakers and students. The first podcast explores sustainability as both concept and practice. You can find the first one on SSRF’s YouTube channel here.

SSRF Publishes PWAP Report

SSRF has published the results of the Pilot Waste Audit Report. PWAP was the first project in the Waste Not, Want Not initiative. SSRF collaborated on PWAP with two UCSC departments—the Sustainability Office and the Resource Recovery Unit—to test the impact of service, signage, and educational changes on recycling contamination rates. The results of this pilot will be used to influence and ensure the maximum effectiveness of educational consciousness- raising efforts and changes to waste management infrastructure in support of the UC Zero Waste commitment.