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Previous staff members

Kaylia Bravo

Development Director

Kaylia is completing dual degrees in Latin American Latino Studies and Politics at UCSC with a minor in Sustainability Studies. Her previous career was in Arts and Education and she has always been interested in policy.  Last quarter she was a Policy Intern for the American Sustainable Business Council in Washington DC. She is proud of the work that SSRF is doing spearheading the official internship program and offering Sustainability Now! radio shows as SSRF campaigns to raise awareness and reach out to the community at large.

Justin P. Farris

Project Director

Farris holds a BS in Game Design and Computer Science with a minor in Sustainability Studies from UC Santa Cruz. He has experience with project management, green building design/construction, and waste management.

Cori Strell

Research Analyst

Strell earned a BA in Psychology with a minor in Sustainability Studies from UC Santa Cruz. She has experience with facilitating college-level zero waste workshops, organizing sustainable fashion events, and local waste diversion infrastructure. Through the lens of social psychology she merges social welfare and environmental sustainability into her writing and research.

Liane Bauer

Research Analyst

Bauer holds a BA in Legal Studies with concentrations in Environmental Law and Policy from UC Santa Cruz and has experience as a legal and policy intern on environmental issues.

Mark Andy Buck

Intern (May-June 2019)

Tomas Nilsson

Intern (Summer 2019)

Nilsson is studying in Environmental Studies at UC Santa Cruz, with a concentration in GIS.

William F. Bravo

Intern (Summer 2019)

Bravo is currently completing a BS in Computer Science at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, with interest in Digital Music Visualization Design.