Solar Scorecard 2.0

A Sustainable Sunrise for Solar

The Solar Scorecard (formerly a project of the Silicon Valley Toxics Coalition) has a new home at the Sustainable Systems Research Foundation.

The Solar Scorecard evaluates and ranks solar manufacturers with the goal to improve industry-wide transparency and accountability, and to set high standards for environmental sustainability. The solar energy industry has grown 30-fold since 2010 when the first Solar Score Card was published by our predecessor organization Silicon Valley Toxics Coalition (SVTC). Solar installations are projected to quadruple by the end of this decade; moreover, passage of the US federal government’s Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 supports historic levels of public funding for photovoltaic (PV) and other renewable energy sources.

The Silicon Valley Toxics Coalition (1982-2022), predecessor of Scorecard 2.0, envisioned a toxin-free future, where each new generation of technical improvements in electronic products would include parallel and proportionate advances in social and environmental justice. The Solar Scorecard Project maintains SVTC’s commitment to environmental sustainability and clean production, improved health, and democratic decision-making for communities and workers most affected by the high-tech revolution. It’s not too late for  PV to fulfill the promise of a safe and sustainable alternative to fossil fuels. But we must act now to reduce the use of toxic chemicals in PV, protect workers, reduce waste, and develop responsible circular systems of material use throughout the global PV supply chain.

The Solar Scorecard evaluates solar manufacturers’ performance based on their environmental programs and practices, and serves as a resource for consumers, institutional purchasers, investors, and anyone who wants to purchase photovoltaic modules from responsible products stewards. The Solar Scorecard’s mission is to ensure that the solar energy industry’s product manufacturing systems and global supply chains are safe and sustainable for workers, communities, and the environment.

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